The Center For Deep Listening

Deep Listening Certificate Holders

Welcome to our Deep Listening certificate holder directory! Browse this directory by location to find someone who has completed our Deep Listening Teaching Certification and is teaching near you! A full list of certificate holders is available here.

Margrit Schenker

music, women, spirituality
Based in Zurich, Switzerland Website:

Stephen Shiell

field, pyschosonography, improvisation
Based in London, England Website: Website: Website:

Emily Sloan

sonic drawing, dream, instruction scores
Based in Houston, Texas Website:

Morten Svenstrup

new music, nature, psychotherapy
Based in Copenhagen, Denmark Website: Website:

Suzanne Thorpe

immersive composition, feminist theory, electronics
Based in Catskill, New York Website:

Jonah Udall

movement and sound, performance-installations, experimental folk
Based in Brooklyn, New York Website:

Sarah Van Buren

communal ritual, buried histories
Based in Hudson, New York Website:

Artur Vidal

body, environment, improvisation
Based in London, United Kingdom and Paris, France Website: Website:

Lorelei Wagner

listening-through-writing, embodied pedagogy, serious play
Based in Troy, New York

Kate Walsh

family, queer, exploratory
Based in Chicago, Illinois

Sarah Weaver

experimental music, network arts
Based in New York City, New York Website:

Hannah White

eco-acoustics, psychosonography, vocal-abulary
Based in London, England Website: Website:
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