Scholarship Program

In order to increase accessibility to the 3-month Deep Listening Intensive and the Deep Listening Facilitator’s Training program, the Center for Deep Listening is offering a limited number of partial and full scholarships earmarked for populations currently under-represented in Deep Listening, sound art, and wellness spaces.

In keeping with our commitment to increase the diversity of voices engaging with–and contributing to–Deep Listening, we specifically invite applications from Black, Brown, Indigenous, and trans folks, as well as disabled and neurodiverse individuals, and those who may face structural financial barriers.


Applications for Intensive I are currently closed.

Please stay tuned for the next round of applications, which will be made available by late March, 2021.

For those who have already completed Intensive I, scholarships for Intensive II, leading to Deep Listening Certification, are also available. The next round of applications will open in late March, 2021.

Want to contribute?

If you would like to help us expand our Deep Listening Scholarship Program with a targeted donation, please email CDL Director Stephanie Loveless!