The Center For Deep Listening

Day 285 of A Year of Deep Listening

ATTENTION, by Missa Coffman for Farmhouse Art Collective

missa coffman is an interdisciplinary artist whose work incorporates the use of language, performance, and 2-dimensional media.
her works have been featured at the buffalo and montreal infringement festivals, art in odd places nyc, and {re}happening at the historic site of black mountain college. she received a bfa from the university of houston, an mfa from indiana university, and taught for several years at central michigan university. in 2012, she cofounded farmhouse art collective, a divergent group of artists and thinkers with an interest in collapsing the barriers between art and life.

Day 284 of A Year of Deep Listening


Alexis C. Lamb is a composer, percussionist, and educator interested in fostering communities of mindful music-making. Her recent commissions and collaborations include Third Coast Percussion, the Albany (NY) Symphony, Aizuri Quartet, Opera Omaha, Contemporaneous, and Yale Philharmonia. She is currently pursuing a Doctorate of Musical Arts at the University of Michigan and has previously earned degrees from the Yale School of Music and Northern Illinois University. Her works are self-published and available at

Day 283 of A Year of Deep Listening


Angela Dittmar examines the cross-sections of desire, instincts, and interpretation as related to shaping and responding to our lived experiences. She refers to her research as “Me and the Gazelle.” Landmarks in her training and artist career have been graduating with honors in the Master of Fine Arts program at Hunter College, City University of New York, and Bachelor of Fine Art in Painting and Drawing at UTC; having work shown in MassMoca and Hunter Museum of American Art; and resident at Easy Lemon.


Day 282 of A Year of Deep Listening


This score was given away to participants to the soundwalk. We walked and stopped in three key spaces at Concordia University Campus that hold and represent a critical moment for marginalized communities in academia. Amanda Gutierrez read extracts from Gloria Anzaldua’s book, Borderlands/La Frontera, that provided context to the score’s instructions.

Amanda Gutiérrez uses sound and performance art to investigate how these aural conditions affect everyday life. Gutierrez is actively advocating listening practices while being one of the board of directors of the World Listening Project, formerly working with The Midwest Society of Acoustic Ecology, and currently as the scientific committee of the Red Ecología Acústica México. Currently, she is a Ph.D. student at Concordia University in the HUMA department.


Day 281 of A Year of Deep Listening


Rachel is a writer, musician and academic. Her work operates across disciplines, primarily focused at the intersections of sound, design, futures and sustainability discourses.


Day 280 of A Year of Deep Listening

PATTERNS, by Kip Wilson

A way to let go.

Kip Wilson started the New London Drone Orchestra in 2017. This radically inclusive, protean collective manifests sustained, layered, gradually evolving, timeless sound. We bring together experienced players with people new to music. We use graphic and text scores as well as stochastic sound sources to guide group improvisation. Find our latest experiments at and our three albums—Live at the Crab Shack (Furnace Records 2022, recorded live in 2018), Pass It On (self-released 2021), and Isolation/Collaboration (Enter the Circle 2020)—on Bandcamp.


Day 279 of A Year of Deep Listening

INSTRUCTION NO. 4, by Louise Mackenzie & Alice Highet

BE THE SEA is a project commissioned by Sea AIR, part of SeaScapes Co/Lab the creative engagement project for SeaScapes: Tyne to Tees Shores to Seas that asks: how we can become more capable of living with and not just on the coast – in ways that are mutually sustainable with fellow human and non-human beings?

BE THE SEA is a collaboration between artist Louise Mackenzie, composer Hayley Jenkins, Durham Wildlife Trust and a growing community of BE THE SEA participants. Scores developed are co-created by the participants of the BE THE SEA project.


Day 278 of A Year of Deep Listening

SING IN MOTION, by Brenda El Rayes

As a graduate from the Royal Collage of Music in Stockholm, Brenda mixes sounds, ideas, vocals, melodies and rhythms from the arabic sound world with the western sound world. In everything she does, whether producing music or DJ:ing, you’ll hear those two worlds collide.