The Center For Deep Listening

Day 24 of A Year of Deep Listening


STONE MILL, by Tim feeney

Tim Feeney performs, composes, improvises, and builds sensory environments in forests and grain silos, concerned with unstable sound and duration. He appears in bookstores and basements with Sarah Hennies and Greg Stuart as Meridian; in galleries and libraries with Vic Rawlings and Annie Lewandowski; in tunnels and train stops with Cody Putman and Cassia Streb as Tasting Menu; in colleges and museums with Holland Hopson and Jane Cassidy; and in the occasional festival or concert hall with Anthony Braxton and Ingrid Laubrock. He is a faculty member at the California Institute of the Arts.

Day 23 of A Year of Deep Listening



This text score is meant to be performed by a group of strangers in a wooded area at dusk on the Summer Solstice.

Michelle Girouard is a Masters student in the Cultural Studies department at Queen’s University. She studies human/more than human intimacies in the age of climate crisis with a special focus on accessible, embodied practices such as listening, walking and sounding. .

Day 22 of A Year of Deep Listening


Synesthetic Sounding, by Sarah Van Buren

Sarah Van Buren is an artist, educator and raver who works with music, sound and collaborative performance to investigate buried histories, communal ritual and collective resonance.

Day 21 of A Year of Deep Listening


DREAMING WITH GAIA, by Susanne olBrich

Susanne Olbrich is a pianist, music educator and mindfulness teacher living at Findhorn/Scotland. Equally fascinated by sounds and silence, her work explores the intersection of meditation and creative practice. Susanne was trained as a Zen teacher by Thich Nhat Hanh and loves offering meditation retreats with musical and creative themes. Recently, she researched “Mindfulness and Musical Creativity” in a Master’s thesis. She has released an album with original compositions, ‘Continuations’.

Day 20 of A Year of Deep Listening



This work is intended to be performed in a groupal way (in the broadest possible sense: from a duo to massive groups), in any social context and with people of any age, whether or not they are musicians. Likewise, its execution can be carried out in any imaginable spatial context. Adapted, different and unexpected versions are fervently encouraged. The piece has been made especially for the occasion, and is dedicated with all the love and gratitude to the great and unique Pauline Oliveros on her 90th birthday.

Federea is a composer, improviser and performer born in Argentina and based in Mexico City for several years. His work includes–from a personal and heterodox approach–music, sound art, performing arts and interdisciplinary projects in the fields of creation, research and pedagogy. He has been dedicated to these and other tasks for some time now, while trying to figure out what all this is about.

Day 19 of A Year of Deep Listening



Bells (walk as a herd), by Blanc Sceol (Stephen Shiell & Hannah White)

Blanc Sceol is artist duo Stephen Shiell and Hannah White. Their compositions, interventions and performances express their experience of place, anchored in landscape but re-imagined into new territory. They create encounters to connect materially and energetically to their surroundings. They are certified Deep Listening® practitioners and facilitate spaces to explore listening and sound making in public spaces. 

Day 18 of A Year of Deep Listening




the surface of the night’ was written for KLANGRAUM in 2020, an annual concert series programmed by Antoine Beuger, held in Düsseldorf. This piece reflects my fascination with notions of silence and the way I think about sound. Performing this daily during KLANGRAUM with members of the Wandelweiser collective was a deeply formative experience for me.

Kevin is a Scottish-Filipino composer of experimental music, pursuing a PhD at the University of Glasgow. His work explores liminality, a space of in-betweenness, in cross-cultural practice as well as qualities of musical fragility, sound, and silence. Kevin’s works have been performed by The Hermes Experiment, Quartteto Maurice, Tacet(i) Ensemble, Atlas Ensemble, Red Note Ensemble, Trio Abstrakt, and Psappha Ensemble. His music has been performed at Sound Festival, Oregon Bach Festival, Thailand New Music and Arts Symposium, Sound Thought, KLANGRAUM, imupls Festvial, and on BBC Radio 3.

Day 17 of A Year of Deep Listening



Ancestors, by Joseph Bohigian

Joseph Bohigian is a composer and performer whose cross-cultural experience as an Armenian-American is a defining message in his music. His work explores the expression of exile, cultural reunification, and identity maintenance in diaspora. Joseph’s works have been heard at the Oregon Bach Festival, June in Buffalo, Walt Disney Concert Hall, New Music on the Point Festival, TENOR Conference (Melbourne), and Aram Khachaturian Museum Hall.

Day 16 of A Year of Deep Listening


FLOATING DREAMS, by Róisín Adams

This piece aims to corroborate years of tradition that links breathing in unison to a common spiritual good amongst players and listeners alike. The music that comes from this improvised score is a plead and an expression of gratitude.

Hailed as “a master composer and improviser” by The North Shore News, Vancouver-based Róisín Adams’ visionary work combines ethereal, textured melodicism with an underpinning of intellectual rigor. An imaginative and immensely prolific composer, pianist, bandleader and educator, Adams is also an astute collaborator in a range of projects. Her work has been featured at the Silk Purse Jazz Waves Series, Queer Arts Festival, Sonic Boom Festival, Western Front, Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity and TD Vancouver International Jazz Festival.

Day 15 of A Year of Deep Listening


FLOATING DREAMS, by Dara Bramson, Feli Navarro, Jaime D Rojas Vargas

As a multimedia artist of infinite curiosity, Feli Navarro creates and explores across performance, sound and media art. With a background in audiovisual engineering and music technology, he expanded his artistic field of action receiving training as a performer and actor as well.

Dara Bramson is interested in peaceful encounters with the unknown. She explores the world through the lens of cultural anthropology as a multi-medium ethnographer.

Jaime D. Rojas is is interested in reframing our social, cultural geopolitical, cosmological, and ecological realities.