Day 256 of A Year of Deep Listening


Joel Rust is a composer and sound artist, and is currently a Postdoctoral Fellow at New York University. His main ongoing project is The Conifers, a sci-fi chamber opera about the meaning of family and home in a time of environmental crisis, developed with poet David Troupes. He recently completed a PhD at NYU which investigated Edgard Varèse’s works in the context of the New York City soundscape, and his works feature on recordings by Discantus, The Hermes Experiment, and the Choir of King’s College, London.

Day 255 of A Year of Deep Listening


DREAM SCENE, by David Samas

David Samas is a queer, SF native polymath composer, conceptual artist, wilderness advocate, poet, and wizard working in the grey areas between science, magic and art. His work has been seen in most major Bay Area museums, and concert halls. He is director of Pet the Tiger, an instrument inventors collective and directs the Window Gallery for invented instruments at the Center for New Music SF. He was curator of the Meridian Gallery’s Composers in Performance Series and six seasons at the Turquoise Yantra Grotto.

Day 254 of A Year of Deep Listening


CONTEMPLATION I, by Rodrigo Barriga

An exercise in listening and a contemplation of self and space.

Rodrigo Barriga is a Mexican composer and performer. His work explores group relationship and communication through the use of openness and guided improvisation. His compositions include works for chamber instruments, alternative instruments such as electric guitars, and open instrumentation scores for improvisers. As a performer and improviser, his playing explores extended techniques on his main instrument, bass guitar. Active in the Bay Area experimental scene, he performs solo and with his own ensemble, the Rodrigo Barriga Quartet.

Day 253 of A Year of Deep Listening


LOVE THE OTHER SIDE, by Missa Coffman for Farmhouse Art Collective

missa coffman is an interdisciplinary artist whose work incorporates the use of language, performance, and 2-dimensional media.
her works have been featured at the buffalo and montreal infringement festivals, art in odd places nyc, and {re}happening at the historic site of black mountain college. she received a bfa from the university of houston, an mfa from indiana university, and taught for several years at central michigan university. in 2012, she cofounded farmhouse art collective, a divergent group of artists and thinkers with an interest in collapsing the barriers between art and life.

Day 251 of A Year of Deep Listening


DIALOGUE OF DOG, by Clare Archibald

My score is one led by the duality of loving a dog and the shared daily rhythms whilst accepting that one day the sounds of these will be memories. It is designed to be played either with real instruments or a DAW and as a space of imagination and experimentation that requires feeling more than skill. Everyday sounds predominantly made using everyday dog related objects from my shared rhythm.

I am a Scottish writer working with text, sound, image and materials. Widely published, I have read, exhibited, installed and performed work at literary and arts festivals, galleries, car parks and woods. I have collaborated with a range of writers, artists, musicians and the wider, international public and am especially interested in ideas and feelings relating to articulation, place, movement, transformation and what of the private we make public and why. My collaborative project, Lone Women in Flashes of Wilderness, explores aloneness, darkness and wilderness. I believe in stuff.

Day 250 of A Year of Deep Listening


INSTRUCTION NO. 9, by Dorinda Kealoha

BE THE SEA is a project commissioned by Sea AIR, part of SeaScapes Co/Lab the creative engagement project for SeaScapes: Tyne to Tees Shores to Seas that asks: how we can become more capable of living with and not just on the coast – in ways that are mutually sustainable with fellow human and non-human beings? BE THE SEA is a collaboration between artist Louise Mackenzie, composer Hayley Jenkins, Durham Wildlife Trust and a growing community of BE THE SEA participants. Scores developed are co-created by the participants of the BE THE SEA project.

BE THE SEA is a collaboration between artist Louise Mackenzie, composer Hayley Jenkins, Durham Wildlife Trust and a growing community of participants based along the coast between the rivers Tyne and Tees in the North East of England, UK. BE THE SEA foregrounds listening strategies to ask how we can live with the coast in ways that are mutually sustainable.

Day 249 of A Year of Deep Listening

From Under_score: circumstancial scores, by Frederic Mathevet

In a way, I have a writing of sound and music that could be described as “pocket”. “Noting” is a whole pragmatic ritual of organizing your pockets and the bottom of your pockets, to make yourself available in the present. Because the practice of notation, that is to say the capture of a circumstance, expects from those who devote themselves to it a certain frame of mind and enough time to seize the moment and the movement.

Frédéric Mathevet is defined as visual and sound artist. There is artist researcher associate at the institute ACTE, école des arts de la sorbonne. Phd of Arts, he is co-editor of the online magazine L’Autre musique. He has published two books of visual arts, the second issue is devoted to the particular case of music and has participated in numerous exhibitions in Paris, Montreuil, Toulouse, London (Morley Gallery), Athens, Leeds (International festival for artistic innovation).

Day 248 of A Year of Deep Listening

4! SONGS, by Logan K. Young

All 24 combinations—à la the Sator (or Rotas?) Square

A child actor from South Carolina, Logan K. Young grew up to study trumpet, composition, and conducting at the Governor’s School for and the University of his home state. Additional studies include under the late Karlheinz Stockhausen and with Thurston Moore at Naropa’s Kerouac School. Published everywhere from UPenn’s Jacket2 to The New River at Virginia Tech, Logan’s books on Mauricio Kagel and La Monte Young can still be found in the most discerning discount bins. He lives in Washington’s harDCore suburbs with his wife, Chrissie, and daughter, Leah Marie.

Day 247 of A Year of Deep Listening


THREE-LAYER SCORE, by Elizandro Garcia-Montoya

Elizandro Garcia-Montoya is an active performer and educator who has performed with the Cleveland Orchestra, Sarasota Opera, Houston Grand Opera, Jacksonville Symphony, and was Principal Clarinet of the State of Mexico Orchestra in Toluca, Mexico. A silver prizewinner in the 1999 Fischoff National Chamber Music Competition, Elizandro continues to pursue his chamber music career and performs regularly with Fifth House Ensemble, the Chicago Ensemble and Midsummer’s Chamber Music Festival.