Day 59 of A Year of Deep Listening


Distant Love, BY Max Gibson

Max Gibson is a British-Irish composer, performer, poet, and improviser. He has had works performed in Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Sweden, Turkey, the USA, and across the UK.
His most recent work focuses on aspects of expanded time, line and counterpoint, sound massing, the act of listening, and an engagement with configuring the space of performance and spectatorship through interdisciplinary approaches to composition.
His work is inspired and informed by medievalism, architecture, globalism, industrialism, astronomy and astrology, and the natural world.

Day 58 of A Year of Deep Listening


Ariadne Soundwalk, BY Acoustic Mirror

Kamen Nedev is a sound artist, flâneur, fugueur, and independent cultural producer. Since 1986 he works and tries to live in Madrid, Spain. Since 2005, under the Acoustic Mirror moniker, he has been working on a line of research in phonography, sound art, and radio art, with an emphasis on the soundscape of urban space as well as social sound production, situated listening, and militant sound investigation.

Day 57 of A Year of Deep Listening


Window Piece | Wall Piece, BY Killian kiuttu

Killian Kiuttu is a freshman studying linguistics and music at the University of California, Santa Cruz. They enjoy solving puzzles, discovering new sounds and structures, and hiking around the Bay Area with their family.

Day 56 of A Year of Deep Listening


Tree Rock Nebula, BY Ben Richter

Ben Richter is a composer, accordionist, and director of Ghost Ensemble. Inspired by nonhuman consciousness, emergent perceptual horizons, and music’s potential to create experiences of community healing, Ben’s compositions mark humanity’s transient yet vital role within the immensity of geologic time. A student of Pauline Oliveros, Ben also explores the extended microtonal and timbral potential of the accordion in solo works such as Panthalassa: Dream Music of the Once and Future Ocean, hailed by Stephen Smoliar as “likely to offer a profound impact on the very nature of listening.”

Day 55 of A Year of Deep Listening


The Matter of Size, BY Stacey Barelos

Dr. Stacey Barelos is a performer, composer, and educator based in Omaha, Nebraska. As a performer, she specializes in the music of the 20th and 21st centuries, particularly the music of living composers.

As a composer, Stacey’s eclectic works have been performed on five continents and can be heard on the Albany and Blue Griffin labels.

Dr. Barelos teaches at the Omaha Conservatory of Music, the University of Nebraska at Omaha and directs Soundry as part of the Omaha Under the Radar Festival. For more information, see her website,

Day 54 of A Year of Deep Listening

IN harmony with city, BY Kenta Tanaka

Kenta Tanaka (°1993, Japan) is an urban composer, sound artist, and guitarist. His work attempts to explore the possibilities of urban-themed compositions under the word “Urban Composition” by applying urban theories or phenomena in the fields of sound arts. He has completed his postgraduate in Sound Arts with European Postgraduate in Arts in Sound in Ghent, Belgium. Recent works include Fictional Soundscapes (2021) for Encounter in Resonance at KIOSK – Belgium, and Algorithmic Urban Composition (2019) at Listening Room CCRMA Stanford – the United States.

Day 53 of A Year of Deep Listening


3 RItuals for earth and man, By Ina Otzko

Ina Otzko works in various media and holds masters from Goldsmith College, London and UdK, Berlin. Her work revolves around questions regarding belonging and the vulnerability of man and nature where circumstances are constantly changing. She draws inspiration from philosophy, science and poetry, spiritual practices and rituals, personal heritage and experience. Her artistic production manifests as minimal or monumental works, intimate and poetic stories.

Day 52 of A Year of Deep Listening


Zach Wallace is an ecologist and musician living in Laramie, Wyoming. He has made music with SUN CIRCLE, Memorize the Sky, Tony Conrad, Anthony Braxton, Gamelan Candra Wyoga, and others. His work as a scientist focuses on field studies and analysis to support conservation of rare wildlife species in western North America.

Day 51 of A Year of Deep Listening


Austin T. Richey is a sound artist and music educator working in Detroit, Michigan. His current practice reclaims public spaces through community oriented DIY synthesizer-making workshops and site-specific, historically and environmentally informed sound installation.

Day 50 of A Year of Deep Listening

Flicker, BY Alexis Lamb

Alexis C. Lamb is a composer, percussionist, and educator interested in fostering communities of mindful music-making. Her recent commissions and collaborations include Third Coast Percussion, the Albany (NY) Symphony, Aizuri Quartet, Opera Omaha, Contemporaneous, and Yale Philharmonia. She is currently pursuing a Doctorate of Musical Arts at the University of Michigan and has previously earned degrees from the Yale School of Music and Northern Illinois University. Her works are self-published and available at