Day 106 of A Year of Deep Listening



To look up when civil dusk starts at your region: 

Anna Luyten (B) holds a masters in Philosophy, Applied Literature Science and Theatre Studies. She is writer, performer, radio, and television maker. She is lecturer in Philosophy, Aesthetics, artist writing and Dramaturgy of banality at the Maastricht Institute of Performative Arts (NL) and School of Arts, University College Ghent (B). She co-founded the researchgroup ’Wandering as a discipline. An investigation into the function of attention and participation in performance art, pedagogy, writing and thinking practices’ at School Of Arts Ghent and is preparing her Phd.

Day 105 of A Year of Deep Listening


quantum gravy boat, by lafrae sci

LaFrae Sci: multi-instrumentalist, educator, composer and electro acoustic adventurer. Bedrock to her artistry is the roots and the fruits of the blues from spirituals to Afro Diasporic futuristic soundscapes that explore time travel, prayer, meditation, and the African American ecstatic

Day 104 of A Year of Deep Listening


Leave A Sound, by Erin Demastes

Erin Demastes is an experimental composer, performer, and instrument maker whose research combines sound and technology with humor, drama, and absurdity. She uses everyday, household objects and hacked electronics for her installations and performances and subverts their use and perception with play and experimentation. In addition to her interest in physical materials, Erin also experiments with instruction and interaction design by playing with the boundaries of her scores, performances, and installations to find a balance between structure and uncertainty.

Day 103 of A Year of Deep Listening


The Inherited Time of Ours, by MORTEN SVENSTRUP

Individual or group meditation .

Morten Svenstrup – I work as a psychotherapist, teacher and musician in Copenhagen, Denmark.  As a Deep Listening Certificate Holder, I have facilitated numerous workshops, courses and retreats, and enjoy integrating new ideas in the practice.

Day 102 of A Year of Deep Listening


INTERSTITIAL RESONANCE: Pratyahara, by Seetha Lakshmi Shivaswamy

Inspired by the yogasutra by Patanjali.

Seetha Lakshmi Shivaswamy is a classically-trained flutist in Austin, Texas, USA. She intertwines her music with a study of the body and sound throughout her ongoing performances, recordings, and workshops. Seetha holds a Master’s Degree in Flute Performance and has completed 1000+ hours of yoga study.

Day 101 of A Year of Deep Listening


be here now, by OWEN HOPPER

Owen Hopper is a sound artist, composer, educator, and improviser whose work focuses on fragile correlations between landscape and meaning. Much of his work meditates our relationship with technology, issues of modernity, and acoustic ecology. His sonic world creates a balance between natural sounds and the sonic palette of digital glitches and sound degradation. His practice revolves around density and openness, Deep Listening®, and aspects of minimalism. 

Day 99 of A Year of Deep Listening


A Short Routine Towards Personal and Planetary Attunement and Growth, by Jon Petter

This is meant as a short daily invitation to growth. It can take place anywhere, with all interventions happening internally if necessary or desirable. Variation for a group: Notice your starting positions in relation to each other. Stagger your entries by 30 seconds to allow overlap of the activities.

Gaining his Eartificate during early lockdown, Jon has found Deep Listening to be of deep help and meaning in his work as a Community Artist. Zoom has provided the space for rich international connections, with a group coming together regularly to listen, dance, dream and sound. He currently also connects into communities of people living with dementia, Parkinsons, and on the autistic spectrum, helping facilitate space to co-create, sing and play together.ty.

Day 98 of A Year of Deep Listening


up, by Keri Lee Pierson

Waking hours are often considered the most productive time of day. Consider turning this productivity inward and outward.

Keri Lee Pierson is a classically trained soprano, contemporary musician, scholar, and music educator. She currently is a Doctorate of Musical Arts student at Bowling Green State University where she collaborates regularly with her colleagues, instructors and The MidAmerican Center for Contemporary Music. Planning interesting and audience involved events, with a lean towards contemporary chamber music is Keri Lee‘s primary focus. She was awarded two grants from the Florida Department of State for her voice and guitar duo, Deux Saisons, to tour in schools and libraries through St. Johns County.

Day 97 of A Year of Deep Listening



Cristyn Magnus received her PhD in Music from University of California, San Diego in 2010, where she studied music technology with Miller Puckette and composition with Philippe Manoury and Rand Steiger. She has a Bachelors in Cognitive Science and her musical interests lie at the intersection of the two fields. She likes playing with algorithms and interactivity. Her work explores the way groups of performers, audience members, and computational agents interact to make music.