Day 86 of A Year of Deep Listening


Dispatch Listening, BY Lílian Campesato and Valéria Bonafé

‘Microfonias: invention and sharing of listening’ is a practical-theoretical project that combines research and artistic creation. Through relational actions, we experience and reflect on ethical, poetic and political questions implicated in listening. We have based our actions on unconventional methodologies, such as recorded conversations, audio testimonies, artistic correspondences, affective reports from listening, and alternative writing formats, among others. ‘Microfonias’ is a project developed by artists and researchers Lílian Campesato and Valéria Bonafé.

Day 84 of A Year of Deep Listening


Dreaming With Flowers While Awake, BY XIMENA Alarcón

Ximena Alarcón is a sound artist researcher interested in listening to sonic migrations. She is a Deep Listening® certified tutor, with a PhD in Music Technology and Innovation. Through her career, she has created telematic sonic improvisations and interfaces for relational listening, to understand sensorially her and others’ migratory experience, in search of a collective interface that holds such sonic in-betweenness.

Day 83 of A Year of Deep Listening



Yifeat Ziv is an experimental vocalist, sound artist and free improviser. One of the winners of the 2020 Oram Awards, her sound works reflect her research into the human voice and listening practices. Her most recent release ‘Amazonian Traces of Self’ explores the intersection of her own vocals with environmental field recordings from the Brazilian rainforest. She is the co-founder of vocal ensembles The Hazelnuts and ABRA Ensemble, and has worked as an improviser with the likes of David Toop and William Parker.

Day 82 of A Year of Deep Listening



Rodrigo Barriga is a Mexican composer and performer.

His work explores group relationship and communication through the use of openness and guided improvisation. His compositions include works for chamber instruments, alternative instruments such as electric guitars, and open instrumentation scores for improvisers.

As a performer and improviser, his playing explores extended techniques on his main instrument, bass guitar. Active in the Bay Area experimental scene, he performs solo and with his own ensemble, the Rodrigo Barriga Quartet.

Day 80 of A Year of Deep Listening



Zovi, aka Elizabeth McEntee, is a musician, writer, artist, and puppeteer from the New York City area. She studied under Pauline throughout her time at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute from when she was an undergraduate freshman in 2010, and she assisted with both Deep Listening Conferences in 2013 and 2014 at EMPAC. Since then, she has never stopped exploring new directions in sound, music, and artistic collaboration over distances.

Day 79 of A Year of Deep Listening


Pamela Z is a composer/performer and media artist making works for voice, electronic processing, samples, gesture activated MIDI controllers, and video. Her work has been presented at venues and exhibitions including Bang on a Can (NY), the Japan Interlink Festival, Other Minds (SF), the Venice Biennale, and the Dakar Biennale. She has composed scores for dance, film, and chamber ensembles (including Kronos Quartet). Her awards include the Rome Prize, Guggenheim Fellowship, Doris Duke Artist Impact Award, the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation, the Herb Alpert Award, and United States Artists.

Day 78 of A Year of Deep Listening


Cloud, BY Joe Hayes

Joe Hayes (he/they) is a composer, songwriter, and musician from Connecticut. Setting, memory, and time are common themes in his music. He is also interested in our relationship with the natural environment and how sound plays a role in this relationship. Recent projects of theirs include a piece for the Hartt School’s Foot in the Door Ensemble, a collection of ambient albums exploring audio fidelity and its connection to perception of time and space, and an upcoming album of folk-inspired songs. Hayes is currently studying Composition and Music Production & Technology at the Hartt School.

Day 77 of A Year of Deep Listening


Seagull Song, BY Claire Gorman

Claire Gorman is a community musician, composer and advocate of the Hokey Cokey. She loves playing with other people, writing tunes, creating sound-worlds, leading choirs and instigating small musical happenings.

Her current interests include free improvisation, non-traditional scores, Deep Listening and geopoetics, and exploring how these ideas and practices can inform participatory music-making.

Projects include City Soundscapes, Dandelion and The Outlandish Creatures.