Day 66 of A Year of Deep Listening


Listen like a stone, BY Iris Chun-Tzu Chang

Iris Chun-Tzu Chang (TW) is an artist and researcher currently based in Taiwan.

Like sound as clay, Iris crafts her work through drawing, poetry, installation, field recording and improvised performance. Exploring embodied perception at the thresholds between the tangible/ intangible, audible/inaudible, conscious/subconscious, her research focuses on the self- propagation of memory and the coexistence between humans and non-humans.

Day 65 of A Year of Deep Listening


Empathic Meditation in the workplace, BY Christof ZüRn

Christof Zürn is the founder of Creative Companion and He is the author of the Music Thinking Jam Cards (Bis Publishers, 2018) and The Power of Music Thinking (Bis Publishers, 2022) and the host of the podcast with the same name.

Day 64 of A Year of Deep Listening


Music for Seven Rocks And A Mason Jar, BY Yifend Yvonne Yuan

Yifeng Yvonne Yuan is 25 years old. She converts the frequency of herself losing socks into the frequency of the pitches; she weighs raindrops to decide the weight of her noteheads. She is a composer, born and raised in China, and currently lives in Los Angeles.
Yvonne graduated from UCLA with a Masters’s degree in Music Composition. She studied with Richard Danielpour, Ian Krouse, Kay Rhie and David Lefkowitz. Her works are performed in the U.S, Europe, and Asia.

Day 63 of A Year of Deep Listening


Other Private Winds, BY Matt Hannafin

Matt Hannafin is a New York–born, Portland-based percussionist active in experimental music, improvisation, and Iranian classical and traditional music. His teachers have included composer La Monte Young, Indian master singer Pandit Pran Nath, Persian tombak virtuoso Pejman Hadadi, tar and tombak master Kavous Shirzadian, and percussionists Jamey Haddad and Glen Velez. He is the artistic director of Extradition, a Portland-based ensemble and concert series.

Day 62 of A Year of Deep Listening



Ben Zucker engages in acts of creative juxtaposition and speculation as a composer, audiovisual artist, and multi-instrumentalist. He has contributed to experimental music scenes across North American and the UK with concert works, albums, scores for media, and frequent performances on brass, percussion, voice, and electronics. For his work, he has been acclaimed as a “master of improvisation” (IMPOSE Magazine), and “more than a little bit remarkable” (Free Jazz Blog). He currently lives in Chicago, studying, teaching, and labor organizing as a doctoral student at Northwestern University.

Day 61 of A Year of Deep Listening


Pau-LIne-O-Li-Ve-Ros, BY Dani Lunn

Dani Lunn is a Los Angeles based intercultural and multidisciplinary artist whose current work explores the interrelationship between sound and movement. Holding a certification in Deep Listening®, her practice is grounded in dance, ritual theatre and music, including a BFA in Dance at CalArts and independent study in Bahia, Brazil. She is currently co-facilitating Rainbow Body Matrix in residence at the Electric Lodge in Venice, CA and grateful to be part of the Deep Listening community.

Day 59 of A Year of Deep Listening


Distant Love, BY Max Gibson

Max Gibson is a British-Irish composer, performer, poet, and improviser. He has had works performed in Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Sweden, Turkey, the USA, and across the UK.
His most recent work focuses on aspects of expanded time, line and counterpoint, sound massing, the act of listening, and an engagement with configuring the space of performance and spectatorship through interdisciplinary approaches to composition.
His work is inspired and informed by medievalism, architecture, globalism, industrialism, astronomy and astrology, and the natural world.

Day 58 of A Year of Deep Listening


Ariadne Soundwalk, BY Acoustic Mirror

Kamen Nedev is a sound artist, flâneur, fugueur, and independent cultural producer. Since 1986 he works and tries to live in Madrid, Spain. Since 2005, under the Acoustic Mirror moniker, he has been working on a line of research in phonography, sound art, and radio art, with an emphasis on the soundscape of urban space as well as social sound production, situated listening, and militant sound investigation.

Day 57 of A Year of Deep Listening


Window Piece | Wall Piece, BY Killian kiuttu

Killian Kiuttu is a freshman studying linguistics and music at the University of California, Santa Cruz. They enjoy solving puzzles, discovering new sounds and structures, and hiking around the Bay Area with their family.